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The new class of malarial compounds can cure malaria from a very complete way by killing the parasites caused by malaria. And another good news for this new finding is that the newly found compound can help stop malaria at the very beginning stage with a low cost at about $1, and it’s very promising to be a single dose drug for malaria treatment. Bad news is that the compound has very poor physicochemical property, which is under improvement by the research team that has found them.

The number of people that get malaria is huge and about 584,000 died of the disease in 2013 only. Most cases of malaria happened in Africa, where sanitary condition is very poor, providing environment for malaria’s spread. Thus a cure way for this epidemic is in urgent need.

The new compound kills Plasmodium which is the origin of malaria drug resistance and the major cause for most severe types of malaria. The compound works by targeting a protein synthesis, a necessary part of the parasite.

The research team did a lot of work to find this compound. By screening about 5000 kinds of compound which are potential to kill the malaria parasite, the compound class was picked out for it can kill types of parasites not a single one. Poor physicochemical property is the most distinct character of the compound, and now scientists are trying to improve its quality in this area by design, synthesis and physiochemical testing.

The compound is aimed to reach the level of DDD107498 in physicochemical properties. Since the compounds that reach this level in properties has longer plasma half-life and better pharmaceutical quality in metabolic stability , fatherly, they will carry with less drug toxicity.


With the physicochemical properties leveling up to DDD107498, it will be of great potential to make the compound be a single dose drug to prevent and cure malaria, but with another drug to work in compliance, the compound will better function in the battle with the parasites for decreasing drug resistance. That’s to say the effect of the compound will more obvious.

However, it’s still unknown for the scientists that how long it will take for the compound to develop resistance for malaria in human bodies and it’s kind of difficult to recognize that. At present, the compound is in the stage of being tested for its safety. If result is proved to be positive, the compound will go into clinical trial in about one year.

Physicochemical properties of a newly found compound should be carefully examined and with the present technology, such properties can be improved to reach an ideal state.