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Application of ultra-fine crushing technology in food processing industry

Ultra-fine powder particles have small particle size, large specific surface area, high porosity, good dispersion, adsorption, dissolution, easy digestion, absorption and high bioavailability, so it is very popular in the food industry. Ultra-fine crushing is an advanced food processing technology which has developed and been applied in the last ten years.

Experimental study on vibration mill pulverizing black fungus

Through vibration mill plant material of ultra-fine grinding process parameters and in the theoretical analysis of the vibration mill ultra-fine grinding parameters on grinding effect, the influence of the vibration grinding force on the ultra-fine crushing of the ultra-fine crushing black fungus is studied. With the grinding media filling rate, feed particle size, grinding time, ball ratio as the experimental factors, the particle size and its distribution are evaluated as the evaluation index. The two regression orthogonal rotation combination test is carried out on the ultra-fine crushing of black fungus, and the regression equation is established. The influence degree and the influence of the experimental factors on the ultra – crushing index are analyzed.

Through the optimization calculation and comprehensive analysis of the black fungus, the optimized process parameters for the vibration mill ultra-fine crushing black fungus are determined. The feed particle size is 120 mesh; the grinding time is 1.75h; the grinding medium filling rate is 53%; the ball material ratio is 4.5. Under the optimized parameters, the average particle size of the black fungus is 4.6μm. The research results provide the basis for the determination of the technological parameters by using vibration mill to do ultra-fine crushing of black fungus.bioavailability

The application of ultra – crushing technology in food processing is of great significance. One is to improve the taste of food, and it is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients. The second is to make full use of the the raw material.
There are many factor to effect the bioavailability, including particle size, crystal type, filler compactness, excipient and production technology. Bioavailability is used to evaluate the index absorption degree.