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“ADME” is “drug dynamics”, which refers to the process of the body’s absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion to xenobiotics. The metabolism and excretion of xenobiotics are elimination, and the process of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion may occur simultaneously. The process of drug absorption, distribution and excretion in the body is known as transportation of drug.

The dynamic changes of the drug in animal or human body can be used for reference in the study of pharmacodynamics and toxicology. It is also a guide for new drug research and development.

Modern drug screening laboratories to a large extent depend on the quality and accuracy of early in vivo and in vitro studies in the choice of drug candidates. The expensive cost of research and the rapid pace with which modern pharmaceutical chemists develop new compounds have made a high demand for the early ADME/PK team. In order to broaden the channels for drug development, drug screening laboratories have to gather more information from a large number of new chemical entities (NCE) in a relatively short period of time. As a result, the early ADME/PK team is successful because of the high throughput and quantitative sensitivity derived from the optimization of their compounds.

High throughput drug screening is based on molecular level and cell level of experimental method. It uses the micro plate form as the experimental tool carrier, the automated operating system to to perform the testing process, the fast detecting instrument to detect the experimental data, the experimental data with computer to analyze and process( millions of sample testing at the same time), and the corresponding database to support the overall system operation of the technical system.

Of course, high throughput screening as a method of drug screening is not a panacea, but we should believe that any technological progress will be the promotion of scientific development. Along with the continuous development of high throughput screening, the new technology will play more and more important role in the future research of drug screening, which is the combination of the evaluation criteria and new drug targets.