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A drug used in the treatment of leukemia can improve the cognition, physical activity and non action function in patients with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy. In addition, the drug may also cause significant changes in the toxic proteins associated with disease progression. The researchers introduced the results on the pharmacology conference.

The drug’s name is nilotinib. In 6 months study, the researchers conducted a dose escalation study of 12 patients. The results showed that the drug could benefit all patients who completed the study, including 10 patients who reported that they had a meaningful clinical improvement. Some good changes were also shown in the cerebrospinal fluid of the patients with Parkinson’s disease. The researchers explained that the changes in Tau, p-Tau, a-synuclein and Abeta-40 in the cerebrospinal fluid of the patient showed a clear change in the brain of the patient.

However, the study did not set up a reasonable control study group. People should be cautious in interpreting the results of this study.pharmacology

The researchers noted that the study’s main goal is to test the safety of drug use. The drug concentrations used in the study were much lower than the drug concentrations used in cancer treatment, and the patient did not show a serious side effect.

The use of this is very significant drug for the treatment of many patients, including the body’s ability to act and non action improvement. The researchers reported that one of the patients in a wheelchair could even walk again, while the other three patients who lose their ability to speak also could talk with others.

The researchers also explained the possible mechanism, “when using high dose drug for the treatment of CML, the drug can force the cancer cells to have autophagy, and promote cancer cell to death. In this study, a small dose of drug treatment will also open 4 to 8 hours autophagy a day, helping cells to remove toxic proteins without causing cell death. ”
This study is a new hope for patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.