What The ADME-Toxicology Testing Market Will Be During The Period Of 2015-2019

What The ADME-Toxicology Testing Market Will Be During The Period Of 2015-2019

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A research aiming to investigate the worldwide ADME-toxicology market situation was carried out in three regions , which are America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA( Europe, Middle East, and Africa ). The research mainly take the revenue made by the sales of products involved in the in vivo and in vitro testing technologies into consideration. After a relatively throughout investigation, it’s estimated that there would be a 10.65% compound annual growth rate during the five years from the present year ( the year of 2015 ) to 2019.

ADME-toxicology products principally including instruments, assays systems, reagents, and software solutions. Besides with revenues generated by these products, the research also considered the companies who are leading in the sales. Agilent Technologies, Bio-rad laboratories, Promega, Sigma Aldrich are key companies in the industry was taken references during the research. Along with those companies are some prominent companies, like Creative-Animodel providing ADME Services, Cytopulse, Entelos and Li-CORE Biosciences etc.

Market drivers are from biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical enterprises and some drug discovery institutes, the business of which will frequently involve in ADME-toxicology tests and related materials, as well as equipment. Absolutely, choosing these companies for references is because that they are the main consumers in the field.

Growing at a 10.65% annual rate is a quite high increasing level for the industry. However, the rate is influenced by many other aspects, among which the most challengable one is the high cost for the advances and innovation in technologies and equipment, remaining a lot of work to be done.

In all, it can be concluded from the research that there will be increasing market shares for enterprises in the future five years but requires the companies themselves to be up-leveled in the advances of both products and services, besides may need them to re-schedule the investment strategies on technology and equipment improvement.



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